Gingerbread House: Review

Every year since my kids were little, I have always wanted to make one of those pre-made gingerbread houses that you see in the stores, but I would think about all of the mess…and my patience so I never bought one for us to put together.

For whatever reason, this year was different. I decided to by a Gingerbread house kit. I wanted to try one this year because my kids are at an age where they could read and follow the directions themselves and I could supervise.

Now for the review:

The pre-made kit came with everything required for assembly
*Gingerbread pieces pre-made
*Icing (Came in white, red and green)
*The stand for the house to sit in
*Candy for decorations

It seemed so simple. The instructions were to:

*Place icing around each piece of gingerbead piece
*Place togther on the supplied tray (Using the icing as the glue)
*Let dry
*Decorate with supplied candy.

Sounds simple……..

Well it was not that simple. The icing was very difficult to use. I felt that it could have been softer, it was hard, like glue but did not really stick to the house. Because of this, the roof kept sliding off and it was really difficult to decorate with. The icing was not as smooth as I thought it should have been.

Even though the icing part was difficult, the kids enjoyed themselves. They had fun decorating the house their way and not what was pictured on the box. They realized that because the icing was so hard, that it would not be perfect…but it was perfect enough for me.

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