How to shop at Rite Aid

When you are shopping for items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo..what places come to mind? Well for me I do most of my hygiene shopping at drug stores; Walgreens, CVS and now Rite-Aid. I recently discovered a cleaner and nicer Rite Aid to shop at.

If you are interested in shopping at Rite-Aid, here are a few pointers that should get you started. I had a tough time starting until they recently introduced their wellness program to include Up Rewards.

You can use multiple types of coupons at Rite-Aid.

Manufacturer’s Coupons– Coupons from the Sunday paper.

Internet Printable Coupons-Coupons that are printed off the internet.

Rite Aid In-ad coupon – Coupons are sometimes found in their weekly ad. So check out for them.

Video Value Coupons– These are Rite Aid version of printable coupons, located on Rite Aid’s website. However in order to print the coupons, you must watch short commercials for specific product.

Rite Aid Catalina-These print on the bottom of your receipt. Last week they were issuing $3/$15 when you take a survey.

UP Rewards-These are coupons that print at the bottom of your Rite Aid receipt that can be used on your next purchase. Similiar to CVS’s ECB program.

*One thing that I love about Rite Aid is you can stack your coupons.
(Read more about stacking here)

You may use a manufacturer/Internet printable, Store Coupon and Up Rewards to pay for one item.


You will need a Rite Aid Wellness card to obtain most advertised sale prices that are noted in the ad. Make sure to hand your card prior to check out.

How to save with Rite-Aid

Rite Aid also has a Single Check Rebate System-SCR (Which I am still getting the hang of. I am not the type who likes to wait to get my money, I want to see the savings immediately.) With that said; you can get some really good and maybe free deals using those noted as receiving a Single Check Rebate. In order to participate you have to register an Account online at and review the weekly or monthly rebate eligible items

To submit for your rebate, simply visit the Single Check Rebate area of Once you have logged in you will be asked to enter.
Store number
Register number
Transaction number
All can be found on your Rite Aid receipt

One thing to remember about Single Check rebates (Which I just found out the hard way), you can only request one check per month. So it is best to hold off inputting your receipts until the end of the month because different Single Check Rebate Items change weekly.

Once you start participating in the Single Check Rebate Program you can “roll” your check from your previous Single check rebate items.  Just simply present your check at checkout and use it to purchase other items.

Let’s Look at this picture as an example:

Cost: $21.99

SCR: $2.00 (you will receive a check for this.  Just like any other rebate)

$3.00 In add coupon (This coupon can be found in the weekly ad)

$3.00 Video Values Coupon (this coupon can be found at

Total after all savings: $13.99

*If you have a manufacturer coupon for this product, it could be used in this transaction

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