Be Nice When Using Coupons

Lately I am seeing more and more people in my area using coupons. Whether it is due to the Extreme Couponing Show or people feeling the need to stretch their budget, but I am seeing that some coupon users who are making it hard for others to have great experiences when they shop. By this I am referring to coupon users yelling at cashiers or store managers, clearing the entire shelves of products and just being rude when they are on the stores One thing to keep in mind, more and more stores are limiting their acceptance of coupons because of this.

When using coupons there are a couple of things to remember:

1. The store does not have to accept your coupon-let alone double it. Yes a store does get reimbursed for the coupon (when used the correct way), but they do not get reimbursed for the double amount, only the face value.

  • Stores in my area only double 1 “like” coupon per transaction. It’s not much, but I would like for it to continue.

2. Please be friendly to the cashier. Speak to the cashier each time you get in their line. Ask how their day is going-anything to get them to engage in a conversation. I know we have encountered rude cashiers in our times but I assume they are rude partially because they have encountered rude coupon users (The other times could be because they are having a bad day-haven’t we all).

3. Please let the cashier and the other customers in line that you are doing multiple transactions and/or using coupons. This way, they can determine if they want to wait in line or move to another line because using coupons in multiple transactions can be very time consuming.

4. Please do not take every item on the shelf. I can understand if it only 3 or 4 items on the shelf, but not 20. Please leave some for everyone else.

  •  I recently encountered a couponer at Rite Aid. They have a sale on chips for $.99 and there is a coupon for $1 to make the chips FREE. Our Rite Aid is pretty small for our area, but they were fully stocked with chips. The lady and her friend grabbed 2 baskets full and loaded up all of the chips. Now why do you need 2 baskets? Why not just grab a couple and leave some for everybody else?

5. Please be nice to other couponers. Like I mentioned before, I am seeing more and more people using coupons and I love it. I love stopping and talking about different deals and sales (Someone who can speak my language). You never know when someone knows about a deal or about an item that is on sale or even willing to share a coupon with you.

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