Tipsy Tuesday: Having A Store Loyalty Card


Some of your favorite grocery stores and drug stores offer loyalty cards.  Most of the prices that are reflected in their sales ad requires you to have a loyalty card to receive the price listed.  Often times, you will receive points or cash back based upon your purchases using your store card.

For Example:

Ralphs (Kroger): Offers rewards points that can be used to purchase gas once you have accumulated a certain amount of points.  You get these points each time you use your Ralphs Club Card.

CVS and Rite Aid: Offer reward dollars for certain items that you purchase.  CVS reward dollars are called Extra Care Bucks (ECB’s ) & Rite Aid’s are called Up’s.

Not having a store loyalty card could result in paying higher prices for the items you buy.  If you are unsure if your favorite store offers a loyalty card, ask customer service.

If you shop at a store that has a store loyalty card, make sure you sign up. Often times you can register the card  online to receive additonal discounts and coupons.

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